Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Antigua Taxi #36

Jaqueline, Astrid, Denis and "Papa." Papa Alex was abandoned by his mother as a toddler. When his grandmother died he was allowed to sleep in his school. A friend who was in "basico" (middle school) paid for his books and backpack. He worked after school for food and his friend often slept in the school with him so he wouldn't be alone. After the 6th grade Alex was on his own. He remains friends with the fellow who bought his books; he is now a teacher.

In November of this year Alexander drove us to Lake Atitlan. As the children were out of school I encouraged him to bring his son along. Neither father nor son had ever been on a boat before and Denis, like his mother and sisters, had only ever heard of Lake Atitlan. Though it was clearly a challenge for Alexander to take a day off from working both enjoyed the journey around the lake on "la lancha" and even spent some time at the Posada de Santiago trying together to get a kite aloft. Both are very happy that "Papa" didn't leave for the United States.

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