Friday, January 23, 2009

Charlie Goes to School

Just this morning I spoke to Estela and she reports that Charlie, aged 12, started the third grade yesterday at the "colegio" (private school) that just a few weeks ago he was only able to dream about. As his family felt that the school in Antigua where Estela's children go was "too far," (it's about three miles away but his father has never been that far) Alexander and Estela negotiated with his parents to allow him to go to the colegio in the town where they all live. Charlie's mother resisted as she wanted Charlie to babysit but she finally relented and Estela says that Charlie is thrilled. Estela is still in the process of getting everything that Charlie needs. Tomorrow she will go to the market in Antigua to get shoes and socks for Charlie who had none. This week he has gone to school wearing old shoes that belong to her son, Denis. Estela further reports that Charlie takes all his meals at their house now (maybe he will start to grow a bit) and that all the children are helping him with his school work. Funding for all of Charlie's expenses for the year come to somewhat less than $600 which, pending expected approval, will come from The Rotary Club of Woodside/Portola Valley (CA). Watch this space for a photo of Charlie in his new school uniform.

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